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What we Provide

A library is a hospital for the mind

We at York Academy provide custom plan’s with your selected educational book,our concept is unique and like no others.,,Many read books right? Yet we all interpret them differently and find when discussing a book with a friend or other we re-evaluate the information differently and further understand and learn. If you’re on our website your a trader or a businessman,so time is important and should be valued,our concept and plans our such you select your book,and we provide you with a custom plan that best suits you which will come with full support any questions during your read or want to bounce back any comments,feel free to discuss them with us, We want to ensure that you truly and fully take advantage of your selected book.,,We recommend before ordering your book, to contact us for a free consultation to decide which book and a custom plan would be most suitable for you,,

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Multiple Books & Plans

Custom plans by York Academy

We offer only the best of educational books which have been reviewed by our editors / analyst & brokers.,We value your time and only promote books which will ensure you become a better trader and businessman,Our plans are all custom depending on your experience and selected book.,Our aim is to ensure you fully understand the selected book which will enrich your knowledge and better your actions while trading and investing. We all know the quote “The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading” and that being said with our personal support we will test you during your read.,

15-60-day money back guarantee 03

15-60-day money back guarantee

Guarantee on future happiness and success

Our success rate speaks for itself, We are a solid team here to support you during your read, to push you to your limits with multiple questions during the entire period to ensure that you truly understand your selected book. ,,We are always here available at support@york-academy.com

York Academy Promise

So many academic & trading goals that we expect you to achieve.


Improved skills for trading, investing, by taking advantage opportunities which will be valuable to you.


The most important thing we at York Academy expect that you will be able to learn and accelerate thanks to our education plans.


We provide only the best of the best hand selected books which will include a custom plan by our support


York Academy provide full support during your read, which will include conversations, questions, answering any questions and more.


Payment is a one-off payment which will include the book and support


At the end of the process and read, We at York Academy would be honoured to get feedback of the gain you experienced during your read and plan.

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Very pleased I signed up, very impressed, new experiences for sure, results will come shortly. wish you guys all the best of luck thanks a million!
At first was very sceptical, especially coming with years of trading background, however, I was open-minded testing there offer, pleased with the results and there support is outstanding and worth the one-off rate for the book and service. Thanks again and wish you all the best in the future.
Started with little to none experience, however, i purchased 2 books with York Academy and thanks to there support during my read the discussions and personal conversations in relation to the content of the reading was very much appreciated and I gained I would say more insight and confidence to start trading alone and test the market. I thank you again for your personal service and hope to follow up in a few months with another book i am interested in.